Commissioned to act as a Youtube game in support of Cadbury's launch of their new product, the 'Crunchum'. The creative showcased the product as 'Joyville's loudest snack'. There were many challenges to achieving the desired effect.

How to copy a technique spearheadded by Canon that required far less liquid than could ever cover the product. How to engineer molten chocolate that would look and behave like molten chocolate up close and at slow motion. (We used dyed custard). How to achieve 5 different ways for the chocolate to become airborne but miss the crunchum, whilst 1 scores a direct hit. How to create the Joyville machine, on which the action takes place.

The action was captured on a Photoron camera and filmed SD at 5800 frames per second. The establishing shots were made on a Canon C300.

To achieve the referenced look we went to the source and worked with the same photographer, art department, macro lens and camera operator who worked on the Canon job. Without their experience this job might not have been a success.

Brand: Cadbury
Agency: Hypernaked
Production company: Irresistible films
Executive Producer: David Wilson
Producer: Harry Burnet Rae
Director: David Waldman
DoP: Tony May
Camera operator: Martin Godward from Pirate
Art Department: Gordon Allen

Second camera unit
Director: Paul Maynard
DoP: Bruce Jackson
Grade: Chris at Splice